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Artificial Intelligence Crossword Puzzle

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Artificial Intelligence

Integrates some AI concepts, areas and actors

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1 Logical clauses that have no more than one positive literal.
4 Deep... is the name of a chess playing system developed by IBM, which is by coincidence a colour.
6 Part of the COG project. It is developing a robot designed for social interactions with humans, and focuses on teaching robots to engage in meaningful social exchanges with humans.
7 Ambitious experimental semi-autonomous robots designed to work in hostile environments, such as volcanoes and extraterrestrial environments.
9 Most popular language for AI work, invented in 1956 by John McCarthy.
10 A blackboard-based system to determine the spatial location of a protein's atoms.
11 An alternate name for a layer in a neural network
13 Name of a natural language interface to database systems, which is one of the first commercial successful AI programs and is sold by Artificial Intelligence Corporation of Waltham, Massachusetts.
15 Creator and name of a process which is a simple model for a sequence of events that produce a binary outcome (usually represented by zeros and ones).
16 Sentence, or relation, in a logic system that is assumed to be true.
17 Recently developed method for improving machine learning techniques. It can dramatically improve the performance of classification techniques (e.g., decision trees).
19 Simple measure of the distance between two objects, as in nearest neighbor techniques.
23 A prize awarded annually for the computer program that best emulates natural human behavior.
27 A learning program that used heuristic to develop new heuristics. Douglas Lenat, et al., developed EURISKO in 1981.
28 A Data Mining tool for use on the World Wide Web
29 On-going project at MIT to build a humanoid robot that can exhibit humanoid intelligence.
30 Tractable method with simple well-defined semantics which provides means for constructing and visualizing the complex dependencies between granular agents.
2 A computer language that treats data and data structures as objects, and which can send and receive messages or commands, and act upon those.
3 Autonomous delivery robot for hospitals and similar environments.
4 An early expert system, written in 1982 by M. Dyer at Yale, that could read and answer questions about several complex narrative texts.
5 LISP-based knowledge engineering language developed by Inference Corporation. It is a rule-based system but also allows frame and procedure representations.
8 Data Mining toolkit based on decision trees, designed for end users and includes a graphical front-end
10 Surname of one of Prolog's developers.
12 An association in a program between an identifier and a value.
14 A statement about the relationship between objects in PROLOG.
18 First name of humanoid robot capable of bipedal walking, turning, climbing stairs, and other activities.
20 First program to win a human world championship.
21 Term for a autonomous computer process that can (appear) to run simultaneously with other processes on a computer.
22 Autonomous robot designed for planetary exploration, capable of traveling over extremely rugged terrain, and that was never fielded due to its very large size and weight.
24 A chess-playing system developed at Bell Laboratories, which was rated as a master level chess player.
25 A famous program that mimics a 'Rogerian' psychotherapist.
26 Operator in PROLOG that is used to terminate backtracking
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