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Astronomy - The Solar System Crossword Puzzle

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Astronomy - The Solar System

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4 The _____ is our local place in space.
5 The term _____ means 'slightly flattened circles'.
7 Planets in the _____ solar system are smaller and orbit the Sun at closer distances.
9 Planetary scientists often refer to the inner planets of the solar system as the _____ planets; it indicates worlds that have a similar rocky composition to Earth.
12 The _____ is a region beyond the gas giants; it extends from the orbit of Neptune out to a distance of well beyond 50AU from the Sun.
13 _____ are planets in the outer solar system that consist mostly of very small rocky cores buried deep within massive spheres made of liquid metallic hydrogen, and some helium, covered by cloudy atmospheres.
14 Nearly all the major planets, some of the dwarf planets, and some asteroids have natural satellites called _____.
15 The Sun contains 99.8% of all the _____ in the solar system.
1 The two outermost planets - Uranus and Neptune - are sometimes refered to as '_____' because they also contain significant amounts of supercold forms of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, sulfer, and possibly even some water.
2 All the planets of the solar system travel around the Sun following paths called _____.
3 Beyond Mars is an _____, a collection of rocky objects of various sizes.
6 Planets in the _____ solar system are giant and orbit the Sun at larger/farther distances.
8 People who study solar system bodies are called _____ scientists.
10 The entire solar system is surrounded by a shell of frozen bits of ice and rock called the _____.
11 The paths planets travel around the Sun are defined by _____, which states that orbits are elliptical, with the Sun at one focus of the ellipse.
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