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Astronomy Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 an electromagnetic wave having a low frequency and long wavelength
3 a neutron star that produces radio waves
6 A massive grouping of gas, dust, and billions of stars in space
13 a wave that does not require a medium to transfer energy
14 an electromagnetic wave that cannot be seen by the human eye, and is found in sunlight
15 an electromagnetic wave that can be seen by the human eye
16 A telescope that uses one or more mirrors to gather light from distant objects
17 A graph relating the temperature and brightness of stars
20 The brightness of a star if it were a standard distance from Earth
21 a tiny star that remains after a supernova explosion
23 A unit of length, equal to the average distance of the Earth from the sun
25 A device used to detect radio waves given off by objects in space
26 The brightness of a star as seen from Earth
28 An instrument used to view the different colors of light produced by different sources
29 A telescope that uses convex lenses to gather and focus light
31 an area on the H-R Diagram that runs from the upper left to the lower right and includes more than 90% of all stars
1 A galaxy with no regular shape
4 the final stage in the life cycle of some stars; the remnant of a star that is so dense that not even light can escape its gravity field.
5 a contracting cloud of gas and dust; the earliest stage of a starís life
7 A late stage in the life of a star when the outer layers expand
8 the distance between one crest of a wave and the next crest
9 A galaxy with little gas and dust, made up of old stars
10 an increase in the wavelength of radiation given off by a moving celestial body
11 the number of complete cycles of a wave
12 a large cloud of gas and dust that may be the beginning of a new star
13 The entire range of electromagnetic radiation
18 an object in space that consists of a mass of hot, glowing gas that generates energy by nuclear reactions.
19 Any of various devices used to observe distant objects by detecting and collecting radiation
22 All of space and everything in it
24 That apparent change in position of an object when seen from different places
27 the remaining hot core of a star after its outer layers have expanded and drifted out into space
30 the explosion of a dying giant or supergiant star
32 A galaxy with arms that spiral outward, like a pinwheel
33 a distance galaxy with a black hole at its center
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