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Astronomy Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 An exploding star that scatters its mass into space.
4 What is the name of the force that keeps us from floating off Earth?
8 He was the first to argue for philosophical concepts of perfect celestial shapes and motions.
9 He determined the length of a year to an accuracy of six minutes.
11 Who was the first to propose the idea of a spherical Earth and Moon?
12 Who proposed the idea of multiple worlds?
13 Who created the helio-centric system?
14 What is the name of the Egyptian goddess that swallows the Sun?
15 Made in 2400 B.C., this is the most well-known astronomical observatory and calendar.
20 Motion of the sunspots indicated that the Sun rotated on an [ ].
21 Which country created the first sundial?
22 He discovered that sunlight contains 7 colors.
23 What civilization was the first to try to explain the universe in an organized, logical manner?
1 A natural science that deals with the study of celestial objects.
3 A snake shaped shadow appears during the equinoxes on this Mayan pyramid.
5 He discovered that the orbits of the planets were not circles, but ellipses.
6 Which planet goes through a complete set of phases like the Moon?
7 Who created a model of the solar system that was intermediate between the Ptolemaic and Copernican models.
8 Who created the first valid idea of a scale of the universe?
10 The [ ] are other suns like our own, each with their own worlds.
11 Who created the geo-centric model, with a stationary Earth at the center?
16 Allowed astronomers to more closely observe the Heavens.
17 He developed the Theory of Special Relativity.
18 What is the name of the longest (in summer) or shortest (in winter) day of the year?
19 Discovered that the Sun had spots.
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