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Astronomy Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
4 an extremely dense, collapsed star, that nothing can escape from
7 sequence in a star's life where fusion begins; most stars are in this sequence
8 the theory of how our universe started as an extremely small, hot, dense state
9 sun grows about 100x its own size
10 the theory that as something moves towards an object, the frequency of the wave produced increases
13 characteristics include shorter wavelength, higher energy, and higher temperature
15 a dead star, and a solid floating ball of carbon
18 a small, white, hot star that glows from leftover heat
21 sequence of a star where it either becomes a super giant or planetary nebula
1 the process of atoms being broken apart by adding neutrons to it
2 characteristics include longer wavelength, lower energy, and lower temperature
3 the process of fusing atoms together under extreme heat, by smashing them into each other at extreme speeds
5 the highest part of a wavelength
6 the spectrum on which light is emitted
11 the amount of energy and noise produced by an energy wave
12 the lowest part of a wavelength
14 sequence where a star has just been formed from a nebula
16 the distance between 2 troughs or 2 crests
17 large clouds of gas and dust where stars are formed
19 used for night vision
20 used to see broken bones
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