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Atomic Structure And Bonding Crossword Puzzle

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Atomic Structure and Bonding

All keywords you should know

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Across Down
3 only charged particle in the nucleus
7 joining two or more atoms together
10 number of protons in the nucleus (6,6)
11 a neutral particle that contains protons, electrons and neutrons
12 goes round the nucleus in shells (orbits)
14 not neutral
15 number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus (4,6)
17 very stable group with full outer shells (5,5)
18 a particle in the nucleus that has no charge
19 a charged particle that has different numbers of protons and electrons
20 sharing a pair of electrons to produce a full outer shell
22 making the elements and compounds on both sides of an equation equal
25 state of matter with a fixed shape and volume
1 state of matter with no fixed shape but a fixed volume
2 metals form this charge
4 most non-metals form this charge
5 a small covalent compound
6 atoms with the same number of protons but different number of neutrons
8 a huge structure containing covalent bonds
9 a layered solid covalent structure that conducts electricity
13 loses electrons to form positive charges
16 complete transfer of electrons from the metal to the non-metal to produce a full outer shell
17 usually gains electrons to form negative charges
21 very hard carbon and used to cut things
23 neither positive nor negative
24 state of matter with no fixed shape or volume
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