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Atoms, Compounds And Mixtures Crossword Puzzle

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Atoms, Compounds and Mixtures

                  3   4             5                          
7           8           9                                      
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        15           16                                          
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21                   22                 23             24          
28   29                               30           31              
                  33                                 34          
          35   36                                                
Across Down
4 An element used for jewellery, dentistry and coinage
9 A set of elements ocupying a column in the Periodic table
10 The resulting pattern of colours
13 Number that shows how many protons an atoms has
16 An apparatus used in condensation
20 A set of chemical symbols showing the elements present in a compound and their relative proportions
22 A material that is composed of only one type of particle
24 A solid material which is usually shiny, malleable and ductile
25 The process or industry of obtaining coal and minerals
26 A table showing all the elements
28 Separation of a liquid from a mixture by evaporation and condensation
32 A process that uses filter paper and water to separate colours
34 The component in a solution that has dissolved in a solvent
35 The conversion of a vapour or gas into a liquid
37 Join or to be joined chemically
1 The process of separating insoluble solids from liquids
2 A liquid which has passed through a filter
3 A combination of two or more substances that are not chemically united
5 Capable of producing a deep or ringing sound
6 A material that lets heat or electricity pass through it
7 An element used in thermometers
8 A material that snaps when it breaks because it is not stretchy or bendy
11 Common salt occuring naturally as a mineral
12 Materials which can be magnetised
14 A mixture of gases
15 A material that can be bend into different shapes
17 A substance made of two kinds of atoms
18 An instrument fo rmeasuring and indicating temperature
19 A pure substance that is made up ofone kind of atom only
21 The name given to the horizontal row in the Periodic table
23 A mixture of metals
27 A process by which a soluble solid can be separated from a solution by allowing the solvent to vaporise
29 A liquid that something will dissolve in
30 A material which is usually brittle and dull
31 The abbreviation used to reperesent a chemical element
33 The material remaining after distillation, evaporation or filtration
36 The small, dense region that consists of of protons and neutrons at the center of an atom
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