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Australia Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 Landmark Katu Tjuta was also known as what?
5 Horse that won the Melbourne Cup in 2002 was Media ......?
6 Australia's largest freshwater lake?
7 Company that took over Chrysler Australia Ltd in 1980?
10 Town was Ned Kelly’s last stand?
11 First politician to broadcast on radio?
12 Helped fund Sydney Opera House?
14 Home of the Big Trout?
16 Tamar River flows through this city?
19 City Commonwealth Parliament first sat?
23 Company developed the bionic ear?
24 World's largest sand island?
25 First name of the first Australian-born governor-general?
26 NSW Premier who fathered 17 children?
27 Town of the BIg Prawn?
28 Band received an Australian of the Year Award?
29 First Labor PM?
1 Name of band Paul Keating managed?
2 First to make a controlled, powered flight in Australia?
4 Largest inland city?
5 Fort Dennison in Sydney Harbour was also known as?
8 Ship which Flinders explored the Australian coast in 1801-03?
9 PM promised to “Go all the way with LBJ”?
13 Longest river in the Northern Territory?
15 Australian movie includes the phrase “Tell him he’s dreaming”?
17 Second largest city in NSW?
18 First product electronically scanned in an Australian grocery store?
20 Winning yacht in the first Sydney to Hobart?
21 Australia's tallest bird?
22 South Australia’s largest island?
28 Oldest uni?
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