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Autumn Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 Cauldron-stirring hag
4 Unsettlingly strange
5 Orange vegetable often carved
7 A warm item of clothing
8 American term for autumn
9 The month in which autumn ends
11 American term for a carved orange vegetable
12 Sticky treat eaten at fairgrounds
13 Sweet treat toasted over a fire
14 American national holiday celebrated during autumn
17 Opposite of rising
19 Hot beverage often drank in autumn
20 Gathering of crops
23 Large yellow flower
24 Pixar movie depicting Day of the Dead
25 Piece of foliage that falls in autumn
26 Historical figure who planned to blow up parliament
28 Autumn childrens game
1 A word to describe autumn air
3 Modern name for All Hallows Eve
4 The month in which autumn begins
6 Canadian leaf that produces syrup
10 November 5th
15 Colourful and explosive light display
16 Autumnal colour
18 Stuffed figure to protect crops and deter birds
21 Product of oak trees, eaten by squirrels
22 Object used to clear up leaves
27 A high pitched shout
29 Neckwear accesory
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