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Ayan's Geometry Crossword Puzzle

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Ayan's Geometry

                3             4       5      
    9           10                            
12                                     13      
Across Down
5 A line about which a curve or an object may rotate or revolve
6 The direction from left to right, or at a right angle to an upright line
7 Points or lines that all lie in the same plane
8 An angle formed on the outside of a polygon by extending one of its sides
10 Having all sides of equal length
12 figures or solid shapes that have the same shape and size
14 Two angles that share the same vertex and have one side in common between them
16 An angle with a measure between 0 and 90
17 A seven-sided plane figure
19 Lying on the same straight line
20 conditional statement by interchanging the 'if' part and the 'then' part
1 A polygon with 6 sides
2 A line segment connecting two non-adjacent vertices of a polygon
3 A pair of angles that add up to 90
4 The line (or side) on which a polygon stands
9 set of points any of whose chords do not include any point that is not in the set.
11 A solid figure that has six square faces
12 A cone is a solid formed by rotating a right triangle around one of its legs
13 The perpendicular distance from one side (called the base) to the farthest point
15 A 10-sided polygon
18 A unit of measure used to measure the magnitude of an angle,
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