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Bankruptcy Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Bankruptcy Terms

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6 Penalty for debtor misconduct with respect to the case or creditors as a whole
7 Claims or event arising before the commencement of the bankruptcy case
8 The injunction issued upon filing a bankruptcy case which prohibits collection action
9 The person or organization to whom the debtor owes money
10 The form filed with the court establishing the creditor's claim against the debtor
11 The entity who is liable for debts, and who is subject of a bankruptcy case
12 Cases that are transferred from one chapter to another
13 A transfer to a creditor in a payment of an existing debt made within certain timeframe
14 A debt that is for a known number of dollars
16 The legal elimination of debt through a bankruptcy case
1 The document that initiates a bankruptcy case
2 The termination of the case without the entry of a discharge
3 The required list of assets and liabilities to commence a bankruptcy case
4 A lawsuit filed in the bankruptcy court which is related to the debtors case
5 The order in which claims are paid from the estate
15 Appointed by the court in every chapter 7 and 13 case to review the debtor's schedules
17 When this is done, the debtor is responsible for these debts
18 All of the legal and equitable interests of the debtor as of the commencement of case
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