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Basic Biology Crossword Puzzle

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Basic Biology

Find the word that fits!

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Across Down
2 The destructive phase of metabolism with the breaking down of complex molecules in living organisms to form simpler ones
3 Organisms that grow, reproduce, use energy, breathe, move and excrete
5 The ability to move from one place to another
6 The biological process by which new individual organisms are produced from their parents
7 The process by which an organism reproduces or multiplies
8 The increase in size or weight of an organism
10 Things that do not breathe, reproduce, move, grow or show sensitivity
11 The production of energy with the intake of oxygen and release of carbon dioxide
14 The ability of a cell to receive and respond to a stimulus
17 The process in organisms of eliminating waste material
1 The basic unit of all living things
2 All the parts of a cell and how these parts are arranged within the cell
4 The biochemical processes that happen in any living organism
9 What enables organisms to do work
12 The process of getting the food a living organism requires for health and growth
13 The living part of a cell
15 The constructive phase of metabolism with the building up of more complex molecules from smaller ones
16 The duration of life of a living organism
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