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Behaviour Terminology Crossword Puzzle

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Behaviour Terminology

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Across Down
5 how did the behaviour evolve
6 the entire range of behaviours exhibited by an individual or species
7 the observer records only the behaviour of one animal or group of animals is recorded
8 the observer records whatever they can see and that they think is relevant at the given time with no methodology
10 what is the survival value of the behaviour
11 recording each time a behaviour is performed, either on a focal animal or all animals
12 the methodology for measuring personality traits in animals
14 what mechanism enables the organism to exhibit the behaviour
15 social interactions that function to reinforce social bonds with a group or which are of mutual benefit
16 what are the mechanisms that causes the behaviour
17 is any social behaviour related to fighting
21 the observer records the occurrence and duration of every behaviour
1 in terms of evolution, how and why did that behaviour come to be
2 the evolutionary development and history of a species or trait of a species
3 how does the behaviour develop
4 (of animals or plants) belonging to the same species
9 a comprehensive list, inventory, or description of the behaviour of an organism
13 produced, occurring, or existing within a species or between individuals of a single species
18 is any grooming behaviour performed by an animal on its own body
19 to clean and maintain the appearance of an individual of the same species
20 when does the behaviour appear or change throughout an animal's life
22 existing or occurring between different species
23 the observer records the whole group where the subjects are rapidly scanned, at regular intervals and the behaviour of each individual is recorded
24 attributing human characteristics or emotions to animals
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