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Berkeley Heights History Crossword Puzzle

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Berkeley Heights History

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Across Down
2 Name of one of the first school teachers
4 Owner of first cement company
5 What was the name of the first train station in BH
6 Name of first grocery store. Friendly _____
8 Famous actor who lived in BH
10 DBC stands for Downtown ____ Committee
11 What town was BH a part of before separting in 18
12 Where did the kids get light from to play outside at night
16 Name of street the first houses were built on
19 Feast of ___ ____
21 ____ Liquors
26 Name of 1970s restaurant where Delicious Heights is now located?
28 Jeanne Kingsley co-founded ____ Berkeley Heights
30 Co-proprietor of New Jersey from 1664-1674
32 What caused fire in Berkeley Heights in early 1900s
33 Who established Free Acres in 1910
1 In the 1900s most residents worked at ____ Greenhouse
3 Last farm in BH
6 What was produced in BH for Washington's artillery during the Revolutionary War
7 Another name for Feltville Historic District
9 Former Murray Hill resident who worked on Telstar I project at Bell Labs
13 What famous rock band played at GL in 1970?
14 Founding heritage in Berkeley Heights
15 What was raised at the Littel-Lord Farmstead in the 1950s
17 First name of person who built Lycium on Plainfield Ave
18 What was invented at Bell Labs in 1947?
20 Who built the 911 Memorial
22 Berkeley Heights nickname
23 Street the original school was on
24 ______ Specialty Company manufactured fireworks
25 2017 recipient of 'Tribute to Women' award by Boy Scouts of America
27 What was the Lord's daughter's name who sold Littel-Lord Farmstead to BH
28 Day of Lady of Mount Carmel society parade
29 Name of the second house at Littel-Lord Farmstead. ______ House
31 What took over the original Mount Carmel hall on Plainfield Ave
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