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Biology Crossword Puzzle

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3 What all basic life is made up of.
5 The predator eats it's _________.
6 Only eats meat.
7 Process by which a cell takes material into the cell by infolding of the cell membrane.
8 Basic unit of matter.
9 A place where all the organisms live.
10 Substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction.
11 Cell organelle that stores materials such as water, salts, proteins, and carbohydrates.
14 Keeps the body in balance.
15 Macromolucule made mainly from carbon and hydrogen atoms, includes fats, oils, and waxes.
16 When comparing two solutions, the solution with the greater concentration of solutes.
18 Weak acid or base that can reach with strong acids or bases to help prevent sharp, sudden changes in Ph
19 Large macromolecule formed from monosacharride.
25 Scientific study of interactions among organelles and between organisms and their enviorment.
1 Negatively charged particle located outside the atomic nucleus.
2 Atom of the element that has a number of nuetrons different from that of other atoms of the same element.
4 The center of the atom.
6 Proccess that changes one set of chemicals into another set of chemicals.
12 Substance fromed by the chemical combination of two or more elements in definite proportins.
13 Group of ecosystems that have the same climate anddominant communities.
17 Element or compuond produced by a chemical reaction.
20 Group of similar organisms.
21 Attractin between molecules of the same substance.
22 Requires oxygen.
23 Bond formed when one or more electrons are transferred from one atom to another.
24 Organism whose cell contains a nucliei.
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