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Biology Crossword Puzzle

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2 organisms made up of just one cell
4 the part of a cell where respiration takes place
5 the genetic material of an organisminside the nucleus of cells, it has all of
6 molecules that are used to provide or store energy such as starch, glycogen or sugars
7 the system of hyphae produced by fungi
8 organisms made of more than one cell
10 more simple type of cell that does not contain a nucleus or other organelles. an example of this is a becteria cell
14 it is when an organism, such as fungi, uses the enzymes outside its body to breakdown food then absorb it
15 a type of carbohydrate that trnsports carbohydrates around a plant
16 humans have 23 pairs, they have the genetic information, and they are found in DNA
17 a type of eukaryotic organism kingdom that can be like a plant cell or an animal cell but does not fit in the animal or fungi kingdoms
19 the process that enables plants to turn sunlight into energy
1 a hole filled with sap in a plant cell
3 when an organism uses enzymes outside of its body to breakdown food
9 a type of carbohydrate used to store energy
11 microogranisms that cause and spread desease and viruses, fungi, bacteria and protoctist are all examples of .........................
12 the more complex type of cells that contain a nucleus, and other organelles such as chloroplast and mitochondre
13 food grown without pesticides or other chemicals
18 a type of fat that surrounds organs or is just under the skin and is used to store energy
20 a type of carbohydrate found in plants
21 groups of cells joined together that connect parts of the body to the spinal chord or brain and transmit sensation
22 the thread like structures that come out of fungi cells, they can contain many nucleui
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