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Biology Cells Crossword Puzzle

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Biology Cells

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Across Down
7 movement of molecules across a membrane into areas of higher or lower concentration
9 uptake of liquids or large molecules into a cell by inward folding of a cell membrane
10 the ability of a cell membrane to allow some, but not all materials to cross
11 organelle that supplies energy to the cell and has it's own ribosomes and DNA
13 allows molecules that cannot directly cross the phospholipid bolster to diffuse through transport proteins in the membrane
15 a method by which a virus can replicate it's DNA using a host cell
17 a type of endocytosis in which the cell engulfs large particles
19 movement of molecules from one are of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration
20 disease-causing strands of DNA or RNA that are surrounded by protein coats
21 the layer of phoso-lipids surrounding the inner parts of the cell
24 organelle composed of numerous membranes that are used to convert solar energy into chemical energy
1 building blocks of cells
2 the movement of molecules in a fluid or gas from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration
3 cell without a cell nucleus
4 cells that contain a nucleus and multiple other organelles
5 the process of lysis which occurs when a virus has infected a cell, replicated new virus particles, and bursts through the cell membrane
6 a layer of cellulose surrounding a membrane of plant, algae, fungi and most bacteria cells
8 the difference in the concentration of a substance from one location to another
12 the maintenance of constant internal conditions in an organism
14 the basic unit of life
16 an animal or plant on or in which a parasite commensal organism lives
18 release of substance out of a cell by the fusion of a vesicles with the membrane
22 storehouse for most of the genetic information in cells
23 a way to fight off viruses that contain pieces of weakened versions of the virus it is intended to fight off
25 the diffusion of water across a semi-permeable membrane from an area of higher water concentration to an area of lower water concentration
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