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2 leaves on pterophyta that vary in length from 1 cm to 500 cm
3 scaly structures that support male or female reproductive structures
5 plant organ that provides support for growth
7 THis plant kingdom is the only group that produces flowers
8 the gametophyte of a moss produces ?
9 a plant with needlelike or scaly leaves that produce seeds in cones are in what division
11 both algae and plants store their food in the form of??
14 this is composed of of cellulose (two words)
16 _________________ plants must live where there is a steady supply of water
18 this division has only one living species
19 this is the primary source of water and nutrients for a plant
20 Earliest known plant fossils
21 conifero- meaning cone bearing
22 What is a vascular plant that is a non seed plant?
1 Nonvascular plants must have adaptations to keep them from _____(two words)
3 Waxy waterproof coating
4 a seed consists of an ________, a food supply, and a protective seed coat.
6 xylem and phloem
10 any structure, behavior, or internal process that enables an organism to respond to stimuli and better survive in an environement
12 gradual change in an organism through adaptations over time
13 these were found in inland seas and oceans, known as the ancestors of modern plants
15 plant organ that grows from a stem and usually is where photosynthesis occurs
17 these are small bryophytes with leafy stems that usually grow in dense carpets or tufts
23 plants can take in water and nutrients from the soil through their _____
24 the latin word 'cutis' means what
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