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British Literature Timeline Crossword Puzzle

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British Literature Timeline

                              1         2                      
        10   11                                   12              
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                16     17   18   19   20                 21          
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                  27                             28         29   30
Across Down
5 The sub-period known as Golden age of English Drama
6 The Old English Period better known as
8 Translator of Beowulf
9 The final period that started with WW II
13 Early Modern Period better known as
14 The color of the Knight in the audio poetry excerpt
18 Marks the beginning of the Romantic Period
22 Song video in Old English
24 Period that starts with WW I
25 Primary genre of the early Old English Period
26 Lost his head during the Commonwealth Period
27 The opposition of reason and a characteristic of Romanticism
28 These closed for 18 years on moral and religious grounds
1 The future prediction of some Modern and Post-Modern writers
2 The Queen who the Period is named after
3 One of the three huge transitions of the Middle English Period
4 Historically the best selling book translated during the Jacobean Period
7 Author of Canterbury Tales
10 Main character in Le Morte d'Arthur
11 The poets of the Caroline Period
12 The period in which Mr. Fortenberry's favorite childhood story was written (Think Kipling)
15 The condition of the Gutenberg's employees
16 Known for the minor poets
17 The play written by George Bernard Shaw that we will read
19 this marker the re-establishment of the monarchy and the beginning of the Neoclassical Period
20 'Seize the day'
21 Responsible for 1700 English words and 38 plays
23 Author of 1984, our first novel of study
29 This Bill and the death of Sir Walter Scott marked the end of the Romantic Period
30 The first name of Mr. Sensible
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