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Broadband Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
9 You would check a customer's router using this system
11 Customers might have to access this if all other equipment appears OK
13 We would call this the 'router admin page' to keep things simple
14 What we 'plug-in' to the BT equipment
16 Not all sockets need this
19 This feature allows the Wi-Fi to 'follow' supported handsets
20 You do this when you put a picture on your Facebook status
21 We never give the customers this
26 We scrapped these charges.
27 Teenagers hate these
28 The end point where the BT connection enters a customer's premises
1 If you don't like a present, you hope you can do this at the shop it was bought from
2 Olive Oil can be extra
3 Something that criminals don't like
4 You need this in your diet
5 Surfers would ride one, for our customers, it's how they see the light(s)
6 If you like to stream or take online gaming seriously, you'll prefer to use this connection
7 When we refer to this company, we don't mention BT
8 These visual instructions are not on OneKnowledge, but they're very useful
10 Even if they don't use one, customers need one for testing purposes
12 You can check lots of things (Speeds / Orders / etc.) with this system
15 How many months our broadband contracts last
17 If you're watching YouTube or listening to Spotify, you're doing this
18 Ask the customer to change this and they'd probably think you meant the TV
22 If a customer is complaining about slow internet, we would ask them to visit this site / use the app
23 It's convenient, but it's not always the fastest
24 Popular music festival at Donington
25 Red Bull gives you wings, our router can give one device VIP status with this feature
29 Customer's can't use their own
30 Used to store things
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