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Calculus AB Crossword Puzzle

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Calculus AB

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Across Down
7 rate of change at time t
8 functions with the same derivative differ by a constant
10 having an outline or surface that curves inward like the interior of a circle of sphere
11 method to find the volume of the solid formed be revolving the region between the curves
13 a discontinuity at c if the function for which f(c) can be redefined
17 the process to find dy/dx without solving for y first
18 the process of finding the equation of a line that is the closest estimate of a function for a given value of x
19 the maximum or minimum value of a function withing a given domain
22 a point of discontinuity where the one-sided limit or both sided limits are infinite
23 non-differentiable point where both sides of the derivative to ∞ or -∞
25 y approaches ∞ as x approaches a from the right or left
26 at the point c, f is discontinuous if the limit does not exist at c
27 if f is continuous on a closed interval [a,b], then f has both a maximum and minimum value on [a,b]
32 a point of discontinuity where the one sided limits exist but they have different values
38 a function broken up into parts based on different parts of the domain
1 a point where the graph of a function has a tangent line and where the graphs concavity changes
2 if f has a local maximum or minimum value at interior point c and f'(x) exists at c, then f'(x)=0
3 the maximum or minimum value of a function compared to points to the left or right of the function
4 limit where function grows without bound as it approaches some value a
5 a point in the interior of the domain of the function f at which f'=0 or f' does not exist
6 non-differentiable point where derivative does not exist
7 straight lines of the equation , toward which a function f(x) approaches infinitesimally closely, but never reaches the line, as f(x) increases without bound
9 area under the curve of a graph of the function
12 approximation to a definite integral, made by finding the area of a collection of rectangles whose heights are determined by the values of the function
14 at the point hear which the function values oscillate too much for the function to have a limit
15 non-differentiable point where left hand derivative does not equal to right hand derivative
16 all the x values of a function
20 method to find the volume of the solid that is produced when the region bounded by the curve
21 the value f(x) approaches from either side of a given point
24 non-differentiable point where when one derivative goes to ∞ and the other goes to -∞
28 all the y values of a function
29 increase in velocity or the change in velocity
30 change in position from the initial point to the end point
31 an equation where given one value of x there is only one value of y
33 a line that is perpendicular to the tangent line
34 a line that touches a curve only once
35 absoute value of velocity
36 finding a rate at which a quantity changes by relating that quantity to other quantities whose rates of change are known
37 the slope of a function at a given point
39 graphical representation of the solutions of a first-order differential equation
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