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Canadas Mineral Wealth Crossword Puzzle

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Canadas Mineral Wealth

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Across Down
2 known quantity or minerals in a country or area
5 used to extract mineral ores located deep in the earth
7 expert who studies the history, composition and structure on earths crust
8 any mineral that can be burned to produce energy (coal, natural gas, oil etc.)
9 mineral that yields a metal when processed, for example iron, gold, uranium and silver
10 used to mine minerals that are found near the surface, but also may extend deep into the ground
11 naturally occuring, pure, non-living substance found in rocks
12 used to mine oilsands, coal and other minerals that are located un horizontal layers near the surface
1 process whereby metals are removed from ore or concentrate for use in industry
3 non-metallic minerals such as salt or asbestos, used in industry and manufacturing
4 processing ore into concentrates
6 rock that contains enough valuable minerals to make mining profitable
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