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Canadian Confederation Crossword Puzzle

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Canadian Confederation

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Across Down
1 The official name of the act of British government that created Canada
7 Name of the province that was once Canada west
9 The joining of the colonies under one large government
10 The language the delegates of Canada east wanted to protect
11 The agreement to trade without taxes with the USA
12 The BNA act created a _____________ for Canada
14 The branch of government that includes the house of commons and senate
15 Canada’s first capital city
16 The number of agreement made between delegates in Quebec City
19 Did not join confederation until 1949
22 Post town for the second confederation conference
23 George ___________ was an important member of the Great Coalition
24 The official first day of the new country of Canada
2 The give-and-take that allowed the delegates to agree on confederation
3 Name of the new nation became the ___________ of Canada
4 Representatives of the colonies who decided confederation
5 The Great ___________ featured members of opposing parties who wanted confederation
6 The gal is where delegates and their wives would interact socially
8 The motive transportation to quickly link all four provinces
9 Host town for the first confederation conference
13 Member of the great coalition from Canada east
17 The branch of government that includes the supreme court
18 The driving force of confederation in Canada‘s first Prime Minister
20 The branch of government that includes the Prime Minister and cabinet
21 People celebrated with parties picnics and ___________ on July 1
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