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Cell Theory & Cell Structure Crossword Puzzle

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Cell Theory & Cell Structure

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Across Down
3 jellylike substance that contains dissolved molecular building blocks
6 consists of closely layered stacks of membrane-enclosed spaces that process, sort, and deliver proteins
7 contains a centriole which is not in a plant cell
9 a network of proteins that is constantly changing to meet the needs of a cell
10 supply energy to the cell; beaned shaped with two membranes
12 double layer pf phospholipids that forms a boundary between a cell and the surrounding environment and controls the passage of materials into and out of a cell
13 have a nucleus and other membrane bound organelles
16 organelles that carry out photosynthesis
19 fluid filled sac used for storage of materials needed by a cell
20 surfaces of the ER that are covered with ribosomes
21 storehouse for most of the genetic information
22 structures specialized to perform distinct processes within a cell
23 a rigid layer that gives protection, support, and shape to the cell
24 tiny organelles that link amino acids together to form proteins
1 surfaces of the ER that do not contain ribosomes
2 general name used to describe small membrane bound sacs that divide some materials from the rest of cytoplasm and transport the material from place to place within the cell
4 do not have a nucleus or other membrane bound organelles
5 membrane bound organelles that contain enxymes
8 is stored in the nucleus
11 most basic unit of life
14 all organism are mad of cells, all existing cells are produced by other living cells, and cells are the most basic unit of life
15 first to observe cells in greater detail
16 cylinder shaped organelles made of short microtubules arranged in a circle
17 the first to identify cells, and he named them
18 contains a cell wall and uses chloroplast
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