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Chemical Reactions Crossword Puzzle

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Chemical Reactions

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Across Down
5 involves mole ratios in chemical equations
7 is not used up during the course of the reaction
8 measured amount of product from a chemical reaction
9 halogen that cannot replace bromine in a chemical compound
12 ions of 2 compounds exchange places
13 2 or more substances combine to form a new compound
14 one element replaces a similar element in a compound
18 a reaction of an element with oxygen will form this of the element
19 forms a metal chloride and oxygen
22 study of the composition and structure of matter and the changes it undergoes
23 most reactive halogen
24 forms a metal oxide and carbon dioxide
25 reactant that controls the amount of product
27 a single compound produces 2 or more simpler substances
28 conversion factor relating the number of moles of any two substances
29 the actual _ atoms or ions take during a chemical reaction is not described by a chemical equation
31 using symbols or formulas to represent compounds in a qualitative reaction description
32 substances that are consumed during a chemical reaction
33 chemical compound that speeds up a reaction without being used up
34 reaction of a metal oxide and water produces a
36 using symbols and chemical formulas to represent a chemical reaction
40 (l) following a chemical formula
41 (s) following a chemical formula
42 the arrow in a chemical equation is read in this way
43 greek letter delta
1 using names of chemical compounds in a qualitative reaction description
2 an downward pointing arrow in a chemical equation
3 maximum amount of product
4 type of reaction indicated by arrows pointing both left and right in a chemical equation
6 H, N, O and the halogens exist as this type of molecule
10 substances produced during a chemical reaction
11 law that states if there are 5 oxygen atoms on the left side of an equation there must be 5 on the right
13 branch of chemistry that deals with mass relationships among elements and compounds
15 a chemical equation does not indicate anything about the _ of the reaction
16 ratio of actual to theoretical yield
17 adjusting relative molar amounts of compounds for a quantitative reaction description
20 (aq) or dissolved in water
21 bromine plus hydrochloric acid
26 all reactants are converted to products
30 an upward pointing arrow in a chemical equation
35 carbon compound reacts with oxygen producing large amounts of energy, water, and carbon dioxide
36 specifies the relative moles of a substance in a chemical equation
37 involves mole ratios in chemical formulas
38 decomposition of a substance by electric current
39 reaction of a nonmetal oxide and water produces this
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