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Chemistry Crossword Puzzle

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Chemistry Crossword

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Across Down
4 A type of bond that involves only nonmetals
5 Normally one or two letters, first letter is always capital, second one is a lowercase letter
9 Vertical Columns in the Periodic Table
10 What does the name 'fluorine' change into when it reacts with another element in a bond?
11 The ability of a substance to burn
13 The ability to be hammered into a sheet
14 In Covalent Bonds, the atoms can't gain, what do they do instead?
15 The ability to keep an electrical current
16 The ability of a substance to allow light to pass through it
17 The number of an element in the periodic table, it defines the element
19 A type of Change where only the size, shape, or stage is altered
20 Chemical Family 17, they are very reactive
22 If you hold this to the mouth of a test tube when hydrogen is produced, you get a 'pop' noise
23 The process of turning a liquid into a gas
1 Anything that has mass and takes up space
2 This can be given off when burning wood, This can also be given off in other chemical changes
3 The opposite of Heterogeneous
6 Elements that have properties of both metals and nonmetals
7 The ability to cause harmful effects to organisms
8 A type of mixture where you can see more than one phase
11 A type of change that occurs when there is a chemical reaction
12 The average mass of one atom of an element
18 Horizontal Rows in the Periodic Table
21 The ability of a substance to reflect light
24 A type of bond where a metal is involved
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