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Circuit Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

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Circuit Vocabulary

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Across Down
2 a basic electronic element usually packaged in a dicrete form with two or more connecting leads
5 an instrument designed to measure electric current, voltage, and usually resistance, over several ranges of value
6 a
7 an object or type of material which permits the flow of electric charges in one or more directions
10 an electric current flowing in two opposite directions
12 a closed circuit in which the current divides into two or more paths before combining in a complete circuit
13 an electric current flowing in one direction only
16 an electrical machine which produces electricity
17 the strength of an electric current in amperes
19 the ability of a system to store an electric charge
23 an electromotive force or potential difference expressed in volts
1 a device that supplies electric power to an electrical load
3 the difference in electric potential between two potential points in an electric feild
4 an instrument for measuring electric current in amperes
8 a circuit having its parts connected serially
9 anything that inhibits the transmission of energy
11 a device having resistance to the passage of an electric current
14 the quantity of kinetic activity
15 metal drawn out into the form of a thin flexible thread or rod
18 a container carrying an electric charge and used as a source of power
20 supply with mechanical or electrical energy
21 a roughly circular line, route, or movement that starts and finishes at the same place
22 a flow of electricity through a conductor
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