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Classic Greece Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Classic Greece Terms

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Across Down
5 Disease that causes many deaths
6 Anti-Persian alliance set up to raise funds for future wars
7 Humorous skit that often mocked famous people
8 Athenian 'lottery' machine used to elect officials
9 Philosopher who searched for understanding by examining the world
10 A period of great cultural achievements
11 The love of wisdom, using logic and reason
12 The highest point in a city-state
13 Worship and belief in many gods
16 Group of people chosen to decide guilt or innocence
1 Collection of stories that explained events and beliefsPH
2 Device used to hurl large stones
3 Ability to live forever
4 Leader who expanded democracy
5 Awe-inspiring temple that was dedicated to Athena
6 Citizens gather together to vote on laws and policies
11 Philosopher who believed this world was shadow of a superior one
13 Strong battle formation where soldiers had long spears
14 Serious plays where characters suffer unhappy ending
15 Philosopher interested in ethics (right and wrong)
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