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Client Side Programming Crossword Puzzle

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Client Side Programming

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Across Down
2 JavaScript code that takes care of events is called a ____.
6 ____ is a keyword used to declare variables in JavaScript.
8 The data types one can use with a JavaScript variable are Number, ____, and Boolean.
9 An ____ array is a normal JavaScript array that uses strings as index values instead of numbers.
10 An ____ function is a JavaScript function that is declared as it runs and has no assigned name.
11 The JavaScript ____() method is used for fallback support of event listeners in IE8 and earlier.
14 Structure, ___, and behavior are the three layers of progressive enhancement.
15 A ____ is a function that makes objects.
16 The ____() JavaScript method is typically used to make repeat Ajax calls.
1 Use ____ to convert a string to an integer in JavaScript.
3 The the most widely supported method of persistent data storage in JavaScript are ____.
4 The four types of ARIA roles are ____, document structure, abstract, and widget.
5 ____ is the root of the DOM tree.
7 A content ____ network is a collection of servers that deliver content to users to increase performance.
9 The five possible arguments in the XMLHttpRequest open() method are method, url, ____, username, password.
12 In JavaScript ____ refers to the current object in an object method.
13 The ____ is a standardized outline of an HTML document.
17 Arguments are passed by ____ in Javascript.
18 JavaScript is a ____ typed language.
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