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College Terms Crossword Puzzle

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College Terms

Terms you'll need to know when attending or applying to college.

                                1       2           3          
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Across Down
13 Taking less than 12 hours during a normal semester or less than 6 during a summer semester
14 The undergraduate degree offered by a 4 year college. A minimum of 120 hours is required.
16 A student not maintaining satisfactory progress toward his/her educational objectives will be placed on this.
17 A course taken in preparation for another course
19 Includes a photograph of student, a student number, students name, name of college, and the semester enrolled.
22 When students move or transfer from one college to another, they also transfer hours accumulated from the former institution to the new one.
23 Taking 12 or more hours during a normal semester or 6 or more during a summer term
29 A 2 year institution of higher education. Offers a transfer curriculum with credits transferable to a four year college and technical curriculum designed to prepare students for employment in 2 year
1 Courses taken in college are measured in these units. To earn 1 credit, a student must attend 1 classroom hour.
2 Those classes outlined by an institution for completion of a program leading to a degree
3 Written approval from a university must be secured to do this and student must follow the established procedures.
4 A postponement or delay of payment obligations
5 The procedure by which students choose classes each semester and includes assessment and collection of fees
6 Some FAFSA's go through this process. The Dept of Ed. will check for proof of financial information prior to receiving financial aid.
7 An exam during the middle of the term that covers material from the first half of the semester.
8 An institution of higher education that grants degrees and certificates.
9 Provides all types of information parents and students need to know about a school.
10 A person, generally another student, who has completed and/or demonstrated proficiency in a course or subject, and is able to provide instruction to another student
11 Refers to an admission policy that states that anyone who is 18 years of age and older can be admitted to that college.
12 Colleges allow varying lengths of time for students to make this change to their schedule. Students will usually nee written approval to make this change and a small fee is often required.
15 A student who lives off-campus & drives to class
18 A student who does not want to receive credit in a course may, with approval of the instructor, observe the class as a visitor
19 Federal student regulations require that students maintain minimum grade point averages and earn a certain amount of credits per semester
20 The report you receive from the Department of Education after submitting your FAFSA. This report contains the Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
21 Campus employment that is need based
24 A permanent academic record of a student that shows courses taken, grades, academic status, and honors received.
25 The amount paid for each credit hour of enrollment. Does not include the cost of books, fees, or room and board.
26 An outline of the important information about a course,
27 For GPAs above certain specified levels. Can vary from institutions and students usually have to be enrolled full time to be eligible
28 Responsible for the maintenance of all academic records
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