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Color Crossword Puzzle

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                  2   3                
                              5 6      
          7                   8        
          13                   14        
          19                     20      
          21         22       23          
                            25 26        
Across Down
3 add this neutral to a color to produce a tone
5 a dulled color
7 colors made by mixing equal amounts of two primary colors
8 colors of red, orange, and yellow
9 colors of blue, green, and violet
10 colors made by mixing a primary and a neighboring secondary
11 the complement to yellow
12 colors opposite one another on the color wheel
13 one color plus values of the same color
15 color made by mixing blue and green together
16 lightness or darkness of a color
17 powdered substances added to paint to produce a hue
18 brightness or dullness of a color
19 a color harmony where colors share a common hue or sit next to each other on color wheel
21 color made by mixing yellow and orange together
24 light value of a hue
25 dark value of a hue
1 red, blue, and yellow
2 color made by mixing equal amounts of yellow and blue
4 this neutral added to a color will make a shade of the color
6 the complement to blue
7 a color plus the two colors next to its complementary color
14 a color harmony where colors are equally spaced on the color wheel
20 a ray of light separated into bands of color
22 a color added to this neutral will make a tint of that color
23 black, gray, white, and brown
26 name of a color
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