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Color Painting Crossword Puzzle

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Color Painting

Fill in the correct term for each definition.

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Across Down
5 When light passes through a prism the rays are bent into separate bands of color.
6 A darker version of a color that is made by mixing a color with the color opposite of it on the color wheel.
8 Made by mixing one primary color with one secondary color.
9 The metal part of the paintbrush.
12 Black, white and gray are these.
14 The color part of paint.
16 Blues, greens, violets. These colors suggest cold and seem to be further away.
17 A grouping or arrangement of colors used to unify or create a mood.
19 12 colors from the spectrum bent into a circle.
22 A color scheme of three colors that form a 'Y' on the color wheel.
23 A color scheme of three colors that make a TRIANGLE on the color wheel.
24 A water-based, washable paint that is opaque.
25 The word that refers to the brightness or dullness of a color. Usually it is the color at its purest state.
1 The liquid part of paint.
2 A color that is darkened by adding black.
3 Red, yellow and blue are these. They cannot be made but make all other colors.
4 The part of the paintbrush that we actually paint with.
5 2 colors opposite each other on the color wheel.
7 The word that refers to a PURE color found on the spectrum,
10 A design element that pertains to the lightness or darkness of a color.
11 An element of art derived from reflected light waves.
13 A color that is lightened by adding white.
15 Orange, green, and violet are these. They are made by mixing to primary colors.
18 A color that is dull by adding gray (black and white.)
20 A color scheme consisting of 4 to 5 colors next to each other on the color wheel.
21 Reds, oranges, yellows. These colors suggest heat and appear closer to the viewer.
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