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Communications, Networks And The Internet Crossword Puzzle

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Communications, Networks and the Internet

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Across Down
5 a WAN can connect networks across a large _____________ area, such as a city or country.
7 a peer-to-peer network allows every computer to _______ directly.
8 LANS can be divided into _______ categories based on how the computers communicate with one another.
9 a device used to convert digital signals emitted by the computer into singnals that can be transmitted over the phone.
11 A wireless access point contains a radio receiver, encryption and communications software.
15 Data ___________ channels carry the data from one location to another and can be classified according to bandwidth.
17 used to refer to data transmission over a telephone line using an analogue modem.
18 enable several computers to communicate through a wireless access point at the same time.
20 __________ Digital Subscriber Line
1 determines the volume of data that can be transmitted in a given time.
2 the range of a wireless network can be extended using a ________.
3 A _______ can be used where it may be difficult or impractical to use a cabled LAN.
4 LANS in different countries can connect together to form a WAN, using _____________ links.
6 Bluetooth has a much slower data transfer rate than ______ and a much shorter range.
10 is a form of wireless communication designed to share information
12 to access the Internet you need to subscribe to an _________.
13 a ____________ is a group of two or more computers linked together so they can share resources and communicate with one another.
14 a __________ consists of a collection of computers that share information and communicate with each other over a network.
16 an international network of networks that connects computers worldwide.
19 refers to data transmission using ADSL and cable.
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