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Computer Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
6 A name that denotes all devices that are not part of the Central Processing Unit
8 Wireless connection mainly used to connect devices to a computer system
11 A name used to denote features of a person used to provide access to a system or services
13 A type of cable commonly used to connect computers
15 Privately owned network
17 Directing data to a fake website
18 A computer that provide resources or services to other computers in a network
19 Scrambling data so that it is not understood
21 Ability of a device to loose its data when power to the device is disconnected
22 Allow connections of two LANs to a form a single bigger LAN
23 A device that connects and deliver data to a specific computer in a network
1 A type of data that only accepts two values
2 Program that causes your system not to function properly
3 Several users can make changes to the content of this website
4 The first network
5 A device that must be present on each computer for networking to take place
7 A device that broadcast data
8 Website that lists entries chronologically
9 Smallest single unit of data in a computer
10 Accessing someones data without permission
12 A network of computers covering a large area
14 Connects a computer to the Internet
16 Allow a user to print data in a database
20 Unit for storing data in a database
22 A collection of characters that represents a single alphanumeric characters in a computer
23 Unsolicited Mail
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