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Computer Basics Crossword Puzzle

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Computer Basics

Use the clues in the classroom, your prior knowledge, or search the web to find the answers to the clues.

                                      1   2     3          
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                      8   9 10                   11          
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        23           24     25                                
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        30     31                                            
Across Down
2 Bundle of wires
6 Tiny picture on computer screen
7 Camera used to view another person on the internet
9 Part of computer that contains all software
14 Term for restarting the computer
16 Company that makes Macintosh computers
18 One million bytes
19 Wireless network
20 Output device that allows you to create a hard copy
21 Multimedia software used to make presentations
23 Software that allows computer to view the internet
25 Creator of Microsoft
26 Another word for programs on a computer
28 Computer and monitor all in one
29 You click and select with it
30 Arrow on screen used to select
32 Software to create documents
33 Type of computer and peripherals all on top of a desk
1 When you select words in a document, you need to ______________ them.
3 Acronym for local area network
4 Port on computer to connect different computer peripherals; universal serial bus
5 Parts of the computer you can touch
6 Another word for the web
8 Primary input device on a computer
10 Area or section on computer where you find the calculator
11 Connects computer to the internet
12 Brain of the computer
13 A computer's capacity, or available space
15 Part of computer that contains the hard drive
17 No wires
22 Part of computer you see all graphics
24 Random Access Memory
27 Hardware that connects computer to a network
30 Before you paste, you first have to what?
31 Giant computer that connects other computers to a network
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