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Designing Landscapes Crossword Puzzle

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Designing Landscapes

                  3             4                                
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Across Down
3 this type of planting creates the fram of the outdoor room
5 this type of planting creates an area of particular beauty in a landscape
11 help buildings ____________ into terrain
13 Refers to the visual and physical characteristics of a plant
14 A 3-dimensional element
15 the preparation of a landscape plan for beautifying a site, including drawings, and supporting information with known specifications
16 the use of plants to make outdoor areas more attractive
17 Can come from bark, flowers, fruit, and inanimate objects in the landscape
19 Landscaping by an untrained person with no knowledge of plant materials
20 the area of a landscape that is out of view of the general public
21 Deals with the flow throughout the landscape
23 the area relatively isolated from the public where accessories are stored
24 A form of landscaping that uses plants based on the basis of their water requirements
26 prevents ________________
28 Creates an accent or focal point in the landscape
30 landscaping a small part of a larger area to meet the particular needs of people
33 control people and vehicle ________________
34 the area of a landscape that will be seen from the street
35 Provide _______________
1 reds, oranges, and yellows are _________ colors
2 Refers to the relationship between the sizes of different types of plants in the landscape
4 trees that lose their leaves in the fall
6 this type of landscaping is done at shopping malls, banks, churches, restaurants, etc.
7 Can be symmetrical and asymmetrical
8 trees that keep their leaves or needles all year long
9 Plants that live for two years and then die
10 this type of landscaping is typically decided upon by the homeowner
11 this name includes the Latin genus and species
12 Used to reduce high levels of variation and general distractions in the landscape
15 the preparation of details of how a site will be landscaped, including both the art and science involved
18 plants that survive for more than one season are called this
22 this type of planting creates the walls of the outdoor room
25 reduce ____________ from factories, highways, and other sources
27 Blues and greens are __________ colors
29 Plants that live for one year and then die
31 this type of landscaping uses special designs to create obstacles in golf courses, gardens and zoos
32 enhance ______________ value
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