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Determining Price And Additional Factors Affecting Price Crossword Puzzle

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Determining Price and Additional Factors Affecting Price

Fill in the blanks and use the words to complete the crossword puzzle.

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Across Down
1 Businesses will often create a _______ to control their variable costs.
2 Prices are often changed based on the selling prices that the ________ are offering.
3 In order to calculate the break-even point, a business must first calculate its _______ costs, fixed costs and gross profit.
4 Fixed costs are costs that do not change regardless of the ________ or decrease in the amount of goods or services produced.
5 Economies of Scale are used to make a business more efficient and save _____.
6 The more products a company produces, the _________ the cost of each individual product will be.
7 ____________ is the selling price minus the variable costs.
9 Using this formula, a business can determine the ______ necessary for profit.
1 The __________ is only a starting point for calculating the actual price.
8 The formula to calculate the break-even point is: Break- Even Point = ______ costs divided by gross profit.
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