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Digital Media Crossword Puzzle

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Digital Media

      6   7                                      
      12                             13            
Across Down
7 overhead projector with 3,000 plus lumens. Designed to use with color LCD projection panel to display transparencies onto the projection screen
8 image containing a maximum of 32,768 colors
9 document style sometimes referred to as indenting in which the first line of a paragraph is aligned with the left margin and the remaining lines all are indented equally
10 device that superimposes the red, green, blue, and sync signals of a video image to form a composite video signal
12 method of color reduction that spreads out inaccuracies in representing a pixel’s color to the surrounding pixels
14 central processing unit providing the computer power to connected terminals and peripherals
16 of pixels per unit of width and height so that highest pixel concentrations provide greatest image detail due to higher resolution
17 graphics program based upon shapes of objects
18 placement of a graphic within a line of text
19 addition to an image by means of special effects, gradations, interpolations, logos, and other design elements
1 reversing the selection, layer, or image vertically such as lowest to top
2 number of bytes per second a device is capable of transferring. CD-ROM rates are represented in multiples of 100 bytes per second
3 copy into a file created by another application
4 employing the active participation of the user in determining the flow of the Multimedia program
5 programming language intended for use on tiny computers inside cell phones and similar devices
6 top-level, main access HTML document for a Web site from which other pages can be accessed by following hyperlinks from the top-level page
11 communications using a computer’s binary number system
13 shadow or weak secondary image seen on a display and typically caused by multiple path broadcast transmission errors
15 method of displaying images that provides rough, blurry copies of downloading images which gradually sharpen during loading or displays video image scan line defects
17 selecting an icon in a GUI-based operating system by positioning the mouse pointer over that icon, clicking the mouse, then maintaining depression of the mouse button while moving the mouse so that the icon moves (is “dragged”) to another location on
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