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Energies Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
5 is when one type of energy changes into another
6 Is a pulley system a fixed pulley and movale pulley together
7 The work done by the machine on another object
8 Is a simple machine that is a flat slanted surface
9 The energy of an object because of its position; stored energy
10 The force you apply to tthe machine to do the work
11 The energy of vibrating particles called elctrons
13 Energy in motion
15 the total motion and position of an object
18 Energy stored in chemical bonds that hold the compounds together
21 Depends on the weight of an objcet
24 Is connected directly to the object that is moving
27 An inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder
1 The energy of vibrating objects
2 How fast work is done
3 The unit of work
4 Is a fixed point
5 Things that stretch
12 A simple machine with a grooved wheel that is connected to a rope or cable
14 is done when a force is applied to an objct and the object moves in the direction of that force
16 Two inclined planes that move
17 Is connected to something that is not moving
19 Is two round objects that move
20 Is made from the vibrating of electrically charged particles
22 The total kinetic energy of the particles in a substance
23 Energy that is in the nucleus of an atom
25 Is a bar that rotates around a fulcrum
26 How fast energy moves from one objec to another object
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