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Geography Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Geography Terms

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Across Down
1 a place where the water is shallow or of little depth
4 a flat-topped mountain with steep walls
7 a long deep hollow with steep, rocky sides worn by a stream or torrent of water
8 an arm of the sea; the mouth of a river or lake where the tide meets the current
12 the altitudinal border above which a mountain is always covered in snow
13 the line that terminates the view when extended on the surface of the earth
15 a fast-moving river current
18 a narrow passage of water; a strait between the mainland and an isle
20 the elevation of an object in relationship to a given plane
22 small fertile area in a desert
24 a bay or recess in the shore of the sea, a lake, or a large river
25 a body of water interspersed with many isles
26 a deep, naturally hollow place in the earth
28 a ring-shaped coral reef, island, or set of small islands surrounded by a lagoon
29 the highest point of a mountain
30 a wood of small extent
2 a port or haven for ships
3 a soggy, swampy, slow-moving body of water
5 an extensive tract of land, mostly level, destitute of trees, covered with tall grass
6 a neck or narrow slip of land by which two continents are connected
9 a place where water is collected and kept for use when wanted
10 a bank or causeway, particularly along a river to prevent inundation
11 a long, narrow, deep valley formed by glacial erosion and flooded by ocean water
14 a small inlet or bay; a recess in the sea shore
16 a structure constructed perpendicular to the harbor for securing vessels
17 hill, mound, or ridge of sand formed by wind
19 an extensive open plain or meadow; a plain destitute of trees
21 a vast sandy plain with minimal precipitation and plant growth
23 the top or crown of a hill
26 the aperture or mouth of a volcano
27 a high bank, almost perpendicular, projecting into the sea
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