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Georgia Colony Crossword Puzzle

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Georgia Colony

Georgia History

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Across Down
6 Southern boundary of the Georgia colony according to the Charter.
7 1/2 Native American, 1/2 White woman who translated between Yamacraw Chief Tomochichi and Oglethorpe who could not speak each others languages.
8 Northern boundary of the Georgia colony according to the Charter.
9 Cash crop grown by the colonists; plant that has blue flowers and was used to dye clothes.
10 Piece of land given to Oglethorpe and the first settlers by Tomochichi; became Savannah.
12 Early immigrants to the Georgia colony Per Oglethorpe, settled Darien, GA; Were fierce fighters/helped defend border w/Spanish Florida
13 A person who owes money
17 Name given to the people of England by Oglethorpe who were finding themselves in debtor's prison because they could not find work.
19 A person who is given responsibility for acting on behalf of the needs and interests of an organization; Georgia colony had 21.
1 An economic policy under which England sought to increase their wealth and power by having the colonies produce raw materials, which were shipped to the 'mother country,' an they were manufactured into finished products, and sold all over the world
2 Battle of ____________ Victory for Oglethorpe over the Spanish on St. Simons Island in 1742 (during War of Jenkins ear)
3 unhappy with regulations in the colony; wanted the trustees to relax rules on slavery, land & alcohol
4 a group of Protestants from Austria who were invited to settle in Georgia due to religious persecution they were experiencing in Europe; established the towns of Ebenezer and New Ebenezer;
5 Founder of the Georgia Colony: Only Trustee to go to Georgia
11 Cash crop; colonists had to agree to grow mulberry trees on their land so England would not have to depend on China for this fabric.
14 crops produced in the Georgia colony: wine, rice, indigo, silk, and tobacco.
15 Western boundaryof the new colony according to the charter; (Pacific Ocean).
16 Legal document signed by King George II in 1732. It established the legal boundaries of the Georgia Colony, regulations and stated who and what was allowed in the colony.
18 Chief of the Yamacraw Indians; he allowed the Georgia colonists to build the city of Savannah on Yamacraw bluff overlooking the Savannah River.
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