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History OF Latent Prints Crossword Puzzle

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History of Latent Prints

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Across Down
7 1st case regarding the admissibility of fingerprint expert testimony in the U.S.
8 First homicide case solved by fingerprint evidence
10 Prison in which all inmates were fingerprinted thus starting the U.S. government's fingerprint collection
11 Established friction ridge skin was unique and persistent
12 Case that made it possible to convict a habitual offender using certified copies of fingerprints as proof of identity
13 Given credit for solving the first murder case in Europe with only fingerprint evidence
14 Who named the nine pattern types that became the precursor to the Henry classification system
15 First country to rely solely on fingerprints as a method of identification
16 1st conviction in the U.S. obtained with fingerprint evidence alone
1 Credited with being the first person to study the persistence of friction ride skin
2 First culture known to have used friction ridge impressions as a means of identification
3 First to recognize that friction ridges assist with grasping
4 Person who was the first to identify the presence and locations of the volar pads on hands and feet
5 System adopted by England in which individualization by means of fingerprints was used to identify criminals
6 Introduced concept of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level detail as well as ACE-V methodology
9 Who was the first to write that friction ridge skin was unique
17 Continent in which the uniqueness of friction ridge skin was recognized in 1788
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