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Holidays IN Costa Rica Crossword Puzzle

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Holidays in Costa Rica

Complete the crossword by filling in a word that fits each clue.

                                    1     2                        
Across Down
7 usually sometime in January and is the biggest party of the year. Although it is similar to the Zapote Fiestas, it is bigger and more organized and always draws a huge crowd. Over 1 million of Costa Rica’s 4 million attend.
9 People visit cemeteries to leave flowers to loved ones who have passed away.
11 It is the same as Labor Day in North America and every public and private sector employee has the day off.
12 It is celebrated all around the world 'Ticos' celebrate “El dia Del Amor y la Amistad” (love and friendship day) taking their partners to dinner, sending flowers or exchanging chocolates or cards.
13 It commemorates Costa Rica’s national hero who fought at the battle of Rivas against the American invader, William Walker, in 1856. The International Airport is named after him.
14 It is celebrated in San José. It is marked by lighting displays, concerts and fireworks after dark in the park and closes with a colorful parade in which every public and a private institution is closed.
15 They are usually only popular for residents of San Jose towards the end of December. These parties are located at a variety of bars, live music, bullfights (more like playing with the bulls) with rides and mechanical games.
16 It is more a day off than a huge celebration. Limon is the only province that celebrates this day in the week prior to the 12th with a colorful carnival full of dances and cultural demonstrations on the Atlantic side of the country.
17 big patriotic parades celebrate Costa Rica’s independence from Spain in 1821. Everything is closed including some streets. High school bands commemorate marching and playing national songs, and the country is decorated with blue, red, and white.
1 It is celebrated for the annexation of Guanacaste from Nicaragua in 1824. Highlights usually include bullfights, rodeos, dancing, topes, and other parades and parties all around the province.
2 not all establishments are closed, many places have special shortened schedules. At midnight, many masses in the churches begin to celebrate the birth of Christ.
3 Dates change annually but businesses often close from Holy Thursday to Sunday. Most Catholic Churches will made religious processions in which they re-create dramatizations of Jesus' final days before being crucified.
4 It is celebrated outside San José, and the ones that decide to stay at home meet their families or go out to bars and wait together for the New Year to come. This is also celebrated with a big dance in San Jose's Parque Central.
5 It is a family oriented holiday that includes beach trips and also many family meeting to exchange gifts. Tamales are the traditional meal for this season with grapes, apples and pears consumed during this season.
6 in honor of the Patron saint of Costa Rica, the Virgin of Los Angeles. This day the faithful Catholic masses make a a religious procession from wherever they live to Cartago’s La Basilica de Cartago to honor “La Negrita.”
8 It is celebrated on the second Sunday in March. It is a parade of colorful handmade and painted oxcarts that also include driving competitions surrounded by dancing, food and traditional costumes in San Antonio de Escazú.
10 It is surprisingly a major national holiday where all the locals have off work to go and be with their mothers. This is not just an invented Hallmark occasion; the Ticos take this day very seriously.
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