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Horse Words Crossword Puzzle

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Horse Words

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Across Down
3 A baby horse.
5 the body is reddish and its mane and tail are not black but are the same shade or lighter than the body
7 the body ranges from light reddish-brown to very dark brown. It has a black mane, tail and lower legs
9 a person who trains and rides a horse and prepares it for races or other competitions
12 A male horse over the age of five years that has not been gelded. If used for breeding he may also be called a 'stud.'
14 a person who rides horses in competitions where horses have to jump over fences in an arena
18 when a horse moves at about 12 kph. Each diagonal pair of hooves (a front foot and the back foot on the opposite side) hit the ground at the same moment
19 when a horse moves at about 6 kph, generally with only one foot off the ground at any one time
20 A year-old horse.
21 the body is black with white or mixed dark and white hairs
1 A female horse over the age of five years.
2 hair, wool or fur covering an animal
4 A young male horse (under five years old).
6 A curved bar attached to the underside of the wall of the hoof, to prevent wear and provide grip
7 A body covering made for horses that covers the animal's body from chest to rump, usually kept on the horse by buckles at the chest by buckles and by adjustable straps passing under the belly and sometimes around the hind legs. Heavier weight blanket
8 A young female horse (under five years old).
10 a person who rides a horse
11 A measurement of the height of a horse.
13 n American breed characterized by having one or more appaloosa characteristics, such as spots on the coat, mottling, striped hooves, eye whites, etc. Also any type of horse with these characteristics of any breed as a color.
15 a person who rides horses in races. The races can either be on flat race tracks or with hurdles and hedges to jump over
16 when a horse moves at about 100 kph The gallop is very like the canter, except that it is much faster and the three beats change to four. All four feet come off the ground together as the horse moves forward
17 when a horse moves at about 16 kph in a three-beat way, followed by a rest, followed by three beats again
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