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Kent State University Recreational Services Crossword Puzzle

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Kent State University Recreational Services

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2 Similar to ice hockey and roller hockey. Players wear rubber-soled shoes and use brooms to shoot the ball into the opposing team's net.
9 Adapted Recreation Day, Golden Splashes, Home-School Gym and Swim, Kids on the Move, and PEAK Summer Camp are all ____.
10 This features two lighted multipurpose fields, a picnic pavilion, restrooms and equipment storage. The fields are utilized by intramural and club sports on a regular basis. They are also available for general use and rentals.
11 Name for the bikes provided by the University that students may rent.
12 This structure stands 35 feet tall in the rec. To use this, you'll have to pass the Safety and Skills Test and rent equipment. Free Climbing Fridays are from 4-8 pm.
13 Archery, Backpacking, Camping, Canoeing, Geocaching, Kayaking, 8-hour Ohio Boating Education Course, Orienteering, Rappelling and Rock Climbing are all ____.
14 For students, $20 will buy you 15 minutes. This is an excellent service to reduce stress, increase flexibility and promote relaxation.
15 Blue and Gold Boxing,Self Defense, Capoeira Conditioning, and Muay Thai Kick Boxing are all ____ being offered in Spring 2017.
16 This is an innovative health, exercise and wellness program helping older adults live healthy, active lifestyles.
17 This is a canoe and kayak livery based at Tannery Park in downtown Kent that offers canoeing, kayaking and tubing down the Cuyahoga River. The livery is open seasonally from April to October and sees an average of 2,500 participants each year.
18 This includes four softball fields and a concession stand. The complex serves more than 32,000 players each year. The facility is used by intramural and community leagues in the addition to private rentals.
20 Nutritional Counseling, Diet Prescription, One-Day Diet Analysis and Three-Day Diet Analysis are all ____.
21 Developed in Fall 2014, it offers 18 holes over a two-mile course and connects our existing facilities to establish an official Recreation Corridor at Kent State University.
22 This follows a round-robin format followed by a post season tournament. There is one for basketball, volleyball and softball.
23 Recreational sports, programs, and/or activities in which participants compete as teams or as individuals against other teams or individuals. These are designed to be recreational in nature.
24 This is a private, one-on-one session with a certified trainer. Personal trainers design and implement customized exercise programs based on your fitness goals and specific needs.
1 $7 for a single class and $45 for an unlimited pass. These classes range in difficulty from beginner to high intensity and are on a drop-in basis.
3 These programs offer a group instructional setting for participants of all swimming levels. Ages range from infants to teens. These are all taught by American Red Cross-certified instructors.
4 You can choose Low or High Challenge Course Elements for your team. Non competitive games, trust exercises and initiatives will test an individualís physical and mental strength as well challenge the teamwork and communication skills of the group.
5 Student organizations formed by students with a common interest and desire to participate in a specific sport or activity. More competitive that Intramural Sports.
6 This houses two rinks, a party room and a snack bar. Offering Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Hockey lessons, it also rents ice time to local organizations and is the home rink for the Kent State Club Hockey Team and the Kent Figure Skating Club.
7 This service has two pools (lap and leisure), a rehabilitation vortex, a spa and so much more! A semi-enclosed shallow play area in the leisure pool. Programs include Learn to Swim lessons and swim teams.
8 A youth swim team for children who have completed Level 3 and higher in the Learn to Swim program. The group focuses on teamwork, competitive swimming techniques and swimming for fitness.
10 This features 153,000 square feet of state-of-the-art fitness amenities. Opened in 1999, the facility has won numerous architectural design awards and has been featured in magazines as one of the top fitness facilities in the nation.
19 Dive In Movies, Murder Mystery Dinners, Reimagined Game Shows and a Zombie Apocalypse. Grand Openings, Open Houses and Anniversary Celebrations. The Bowman Cup 5K Race and The Black Squirrel 5k Race. These are all ___ held by Rec Services.
25 This new 7,000 square-foot fitness facility is exclusive to on-campus students only. Located above the Tri-Towers Rotunda, this convenient space includes over 70 exercise machines and free weights for an in-and-out workout.
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