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Kingdoms And Empires OF Africa Crossword Puzzle

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Kingdoms and Empires of Africa

Complete the crossword by filling in the blanks correctly.

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Across Down
2 This Kingdom was located in Eastern Africa.
3 This river was a waterway to help with trade in the eastern kingdom on Aksum.
7 This empire was the first to use slaves to transport goods.
9 _______ was as valuable as gold.
10 This was one of the first rulers of Mali (many thought he would not be capable of being a ruler because of his disabilities)
11 This king of Mali was very rich and would throw gold to the people during his pilgrimages.
12 The Western Kingdom of _________ was established in 1235 CE.
14 This was a major trade city during the empire of Songhai.
16 Ghana was called the 'Land of ______________'
1 Ghana used _____________ to transport goods across the Sahara Desert.
4 Aksum was located on the southern coast of the _____________.
5 Aksum was the only kingdom with this religion.
6 Most of the empires and kingdoms had this religion.
8 This river was a major waterway for the western kingdoms and empires.
13 These people help to protect on a trade route, in case of being attacked by raiders.
15 Aksum has more opportunities to _____________ with Asia because of its location.
16 This was the first western Africa empire.
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