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Levi Jordan Plantation Crossword Puzzle

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Levi Jordan Plantation

Complete the crossword below

                  1     2                      
              5 6                              
                10                           11  
                      13             14   15      
              16             17                  
  18                               19   20        
                22         23     24              
Across Down
3 The Jordan's sugar mill is rare in Texas because it has not one but ___ Trains
5 Type of wood the floors are made of in the plantation house
8 Items found at an archeological dig
9 African-American celebration commemorating the day slaves were freed in Texas
10 Name of the Nation of Texas before it became part of the U.S.
12 Part of a building used for cooking and heating homes in the 1800s
15 Large wildlife pest that tear up the grounds and common to many Texas Parks
16 Wrote a diary about life on the plantation
18 He was the most well known owner of this plantation
21 Laws passed in the South that limited African-American's rights following the civil war
22 If a Spanish league is about 7 square miles. Half a Spanish league is...
25 Raw material used to make bricks
1 Cash crop that Levi Jordan grew when he first got to Texas
2 Molasses was boiled in large, black sugar _______
4 The material that the Slave Quarters were made out of
6 Approximate number of slaves we believe the Jordan Plantation had at its height
7 Following the Civil War the freed slaves were commonly referred to as _____
11 Crop most responsible for the plantation's wealth.
13 The number of rooms in the plantation house
14 Nickname of the original settlers of Brazoria County the '___' Three Hundred
17 People thought Levi was _____ (Thrifty)
19 The side that texas fought on in the Civil War
20 The war that ended slavery in Texas
23 The Jordan Plantation was created after Texas became a part of the U.S. or was ____
24 Stephen F. ________ is known as the 'Father of Texas'
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