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Life OF A Star Crossword Puzzle

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Life of a Star

      1                       2                    
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  23 24           25                                  
Across Down
5 A binary star system in which one star periodically blocks the light from the other.
8 A mathematical method of writing numbers using powers of ten.
9 A galaxy shaped like a round or flattened ball, generally containing only old stars.
10 One of the small asteroid-like bodies that formed the building blocks of the planets.
11 The blue-white hot core of a star that is left behind after its outer layers have expanded and drifted out into space.
12 A mysterious force that appears to be causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate.
13 A large cloud of gas and dust in space, spread out in an immense volume.
15 A large, round, densely-packed grouping of older stars.
16 An enormously bright, distant galaxy with a giant black hole at its center.
17 The small, dense remains of a high-mass star after a supernova.
20 A galaxy with a bulge in the middle and arms that spiral outward in a pinwheel pattern.
22 A galaxy that does not have a regular shape.
23 A star cluster that has a loose, disorganized appearance and contains no more than a few thousand stars.
1 An object whose gravity is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape.
2 A contracting cloud of gas and dust with enough mass to form a star.
3 A star system with two stars.
4 Matter that does not give off electromagnetic radiation but is quite abundant in the universe.
6 The electromagnetic radiation left over from the big bang.
7 A large cloud of gas and dust, such as the one that formed our solar system.
14 All of space and everything in it.
18 The observation that the farther away a galaxy is, the faster it is moving away.v
19 A huge group of single stars, star systems, star clusters, dust, and gas bound together by gravity.
21 The initial explosion that resulted in the formation and expansion of the universe.
24 A rapidly spinning neutron star that produces radio waves.
25 The brilliant explosion of a dying supergiant star.
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