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Lightning Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 When thunder _____, go indoors
4 It is a myth that lightning doesn't strike ____in the same place
7 A way to calulate how far away the storm is (3 words)
9 Worse place to be for lightning saftey is ____ _______
13 Activity with the fastest rising lightning casulaty rate
14 Lightning is _______
18 Another one of the worst places to be for lightning saftey
24 Touching a lightning victim to give first aid won't ______ you
1 Lightning can easily strike outside the thunderstorm _____
2 Avoid this in-water activity if thunderstorms threaten
3 Lightning can strike without _____ overhead
5 Sport most associated with lightning injuries in the US
6 No place _____ is safe near a thunderstorm
8 Always practice good ______ _____
10 Avoid this near-water activity if thunderstorms threaten
11 Don't go under _____ to keep out of the rain in a thunderstorm
12 Lightnings big sound
15 Best shelter from lightning is a _____
16 Avoid ____ objects
17 Big electric spark in the sky
19 If you see it, ____ it
20 Lightning inflicts life-long severe ______ on many more people than it kills
21 Don't finish outdoor sports before seeking ______
22 This state has had the most lightning injuries and deaths
23 Lightning causes this to 10% of the people it strikes
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