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Malaysia's Independence Day Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Malaysia's Independence Day

                  F   I          
                  O   N          
            M     U   G         M
            A     R   A         E
            L     T   P     B   L
            A     E   O     L   A
        M   Y     E   R     U   K
      D A T A R A N M E R D E R A
      M A R C H I N G P A R A D E
        S O U T H C H I N A S E A
    K U A L A L U M P U R        
    L   P                        
    C   R                     S  
    C   I N D E P E N D E N C E  
        T                 A   V  
P E M B A N G U N A N     S   E  
        H                 I   N  
B       I       S   T     L      
R U K U N N E G A R A     E      
I     N         I   N     M      
T     I         F   G     A      
I     T         U   G     K      
S     Y         L   A            
H               B   L            
                I S L A M        
Across Down
7 Where is main venue for the annual National Day parade?
8 What is the main feature of the annual National Day parade?
9 Which sea separates Peninsular Malaysia (West Malaysia) from Sabah and Sarawak (East Malaysia)?
10 What is the Capital in Malaysia?
12 Merdeka means ........................................
14 What was the nickname given to our second Prime Minister? BAPA ..............................
18 The 5 petals of the national flower represent Malaysia's...
20 What does the crescent mean on the flag?
1 Malaysia shares land borders with three other countries, namely Brunei Darulssalam, Indonesia and _________.
2 How Many Stripes are in the Malaysian Flag?
3 Malaysia was previously known as .................
4 Where did Tunku Abdul Rahman first announce the date of Malaya’s independence?
5 What are the four colours that appear on a Malaysia's flag? RED, YELLOW, WHITE AND ......
6 What is the theme for the 2020 National Day celebrations?
10 What is the tallest building in Malaysia?
11 How many times did Tunku Abdul Rahman shout the phrase ‘Merdeka’ on 30th August 1957?
13 Which of these iconic Malaysian dishes made it on TIME Magazine’s Top 10 Healthiest Breakfasts?
15 Hari Merdeka is a celebration of Malaysia’s independence from…
16 Who wrote the lyrics of the national anthem ‘Negaraku’?
17 Which is the most popular Merdeka Day song?
19 What does the blue canton on the flag mean?
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